Agreement for Services and Fees (Client Contract)

Visa Education Experts are masters in Australian immigration law. We have experienced migration agents to guide you and provide you the correct pathway to help achieve your goals; whether that be permanent residency or any other visa. At Visa Education Experts we understand a migrant’s journey and how difficult it can be. We have vast personal and professional experience to ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new life in Australia.

We service clients all over Australia and overseas whether you are from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or any other regional area or state. It doesn’t matter in what part of Australia you are; we are here to help. We help and provide advice to all clients across all throughout Australia. Even if you are overseas, we can still help you migrate to Australia!

We deal with corporate businesses, employers, individuals and families to help settle and migrate in Australia.

We are experts in the following visas:

  • Skilled visas
  • Family Migration
  • Child Visas (Adoption)
  • Business Visas
  • Temporary sponsorship
  • Nominations
  • Permanent skilled visas
  • Global Talent Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Carer Visas
  • Temporary Activity Visas
  • AAT Tribunal (Visa Refusals, Cancellations)
  • Citizenship
  • Visitor Visas
  • Protection Visas
  • Working Holiday Visas
  • Onshore and offshore partner visas
  • Character Cancellations
  • Character submissions
  • Schedule 3 submissions
  • S501 character submissions

Please note provision of bogus, false or misleading information or documents, including documents of identity, is a criminal offence and can result in visa and review applications being refused; and any visas granted on the basis of those documents or information being cancelled.

Kindly note that all documents are given to us on face value and we take the face value of all documents being genuine.

We also do not guarantee the outcome of your application; but we will try our level and professional best to secure you the best outcome.

All documents must be communicated and sent to our company email

Documents that are sent via other means such as Whatsapp or other communication means that are NOT sent via email MAY not be provided to the relevant authority or Immigration.

Our obligations to you

  • Act honestly and fairly in your best interests;
  • Treat you with respect and recognise that clients have diversity, different cultures and values;
  • Our fees and charges are fair and reasonable, based on the complexity of work to be undertaken, and reflect our experience, knowledge and skills within the profession;
  • Act with due skill and diligence, responsibility, promptness and courtesy;
  • Maintain your confidences and privacy;
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, disclose any personal or professional interests or commissions;
  • Communicate effectively and promptly with you; and
  • Follow any lawful instruction you give us consistent with the scope of services and the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Your obligations to us

  • Give us full and clear instructions;
  • Be honest and lawful in your dealings with us (it is an offence to provide false or misleading, information, a bogus document or inaccurate personal identity information);
  • Treat us with respect and trust;
  • Provide documents and information within the timeframes provided;
  • Understand the fees and costs associated with your matter and pay these as required under this agreement;
  • Ask us questions should you not understand what is required;
  • Keep us informed of any change in address, contact details or if there is any change in your circumstances (we will determine if the change is material to your application); and


Your responsibilities

  • Provide documents and information in a timely manner or by a date specified in communications; (work on your matter can not commence until all documents and information have been provided to us);
  • Provide us with original documents together with one clean copy of each document as requested by us in a timely manner, alternatively email us colour scans of documents;

Bank Account Details for payment of fees and charges

BSB082 356
Account number516207619
Overseas clients may be required to quote Swift Code: Please include as your reference number or your family name when making deposits.

Termination of services

Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving written notice. Upon termination the client will pay the agent for the work undertaken to that point in time. Excess funds held in the Clients’ Account will be refunded to you.

Retention of documents

It is a requirement under our Code of Conduct to retain engagement documentation for a period of seven years, after which time we will commence the process of destroying the contents of our engagement files. To the extent we accumulate any of your original documents during the engagement, these documents will be returned to you promptly as soon as they are sighted and certified as being true copies. You will provide us with a receipt for the return of such records. The engagement file is our property, and we will provide copies of such documents at our discretion and if compensated for any time and costs associated with the effort particularly if you have been given copies of those documents during the course of the engagement.

In the event we are required to respond to a subpoena, court order or other legal process for the production of documents and/or testimony relative to information we obtained and/or prepared during the course of this engagement, you agree to compensate us at our prevailing hourly rates, as set out in our current Schedule of Fees, for the time we expend in connection with such response, and to reimburse us for all of our out-of-pocket costs incurred in that regard.

Privacy Act & Client Confidentiality

We are not bound by the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988. However as a matter of internal policy and in complying with our obligations under the Registered Migration Agents Code of Conduct we adhere to the underlying values contained in the APPs. The personal information you provide to us is collected, used and disclosed to other entities in the continuance of your immigration matter where you have a reasonable expectation that your personal information will be used and disclosed by us. This could include, but not limited to, the Department of Home Affairs, skills assessing authorities, your sponsor (family sponsor or employer sponsor/nominator), regional certifying bodies (visa subclass 187), State or Territory Governments (for sponsorship/nomination purposes, for example subclass 132, 188, 190, 487, 489, 887 and 888 visas); and the Australian Federal Police and/or foreign police services (where you request us to apply for police clearances on your behalf).

Your personal information will be disclosed where there is a legal obligation placed upon us to do so.

Our Website

The information on this website can change without notice and we do not guarantee the accuracy of information.
Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate. Individuals must not rely on the information in this website to make a visa or immigration decision. Before making any decision, we recommend you consult a migration agent or lawyer to take into account your particular situation and individual needs.
Unless otherwise specified, copyright of information provided in this website is owned by Visa Education Experts. You may not alter or modify this information in any way, including the removal of this copyright notice.

Consumer protection

Should you have a problem with our service you are encouraged to bring this to our attention quickly so we may resolve the issue fast and courteously. Our aim is to ensure the problem has been rectified to your satisfaction.

Client Acknowledgement and Confirmation

Please contact us if you have any queries about this Agreement for Services and Fees. On signing this Agreement letter you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Fee Estimate and the Agreement for Services and Fees and the associated terms and conditions.

Please sign and return the confirmation of acceptance of this Agreement. If you fail to return a signed acceptance but continue to use our services, this will be taken as acceptance of this engagement and its terms and conditions.

As a Registered Migration Agent and a Member of the Migration Institute of Australia you will be provided the highest standard of ethical and professional service.

This Agreement conforms to the Code of Conduct, a copy of which is available from the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Please note that we may receive a commission/financial benefit from your education, health insurance or any other party that is payable to us.

You agree to the following terms:

  • You and any other party will not raise this case with any other party (whether it be verbally, writing or in any other form)
  • No bad reviews will be left for any business related to Visa Education Experts, Harry De or Hursh (Harsh) Deshwal
  • This matter will not be escalated between any further external party, third party or any other body
  • You shall not disparage, criticise, defame or slander Visa Education Experts, Harry De or Hursh (Harsh) Deshwal
  • You agree that you will not initiate or participate in any communications, written, oral or social media which affects Visa Education Experts, Harry De or Hursh (Harsh) Deshwal or damage the reputation of Visa Education Experts, Harry De or Hursh (Harsh) Deshwal

Our hourly rate is $400.00 AUD + GST

Thank you for choosing VISA EDUCATION EXPERTS to assist you with your immigration matter. We look forward to developing a strong and mutually satisfying working relationship with you.