qiyuan zhengqiyuan zheng
06:55 03 Feb 24
I had the pleasure of working with Harry during my 190 visa application process, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. His expertise and commitment truly set him apart.🔍 Knowledgeable and Diligent: Harry’s in-depth understanding of the immigration process was evident from the start. He patiently explained every step, ensuring I felt informed and confident throughout. His attention to detail and thoroughness made all the difference.⏰ Late-Night Efforts: Harry’s dedication knows no bounds. He burned the midnight oil, working tirelessly to ensure my application was flawless. His commitment to excellence is commendable.🤝 Conflict Resolution: When I initially reached out to Harry due to a conflict between my nominated occupation and the 482 visa, he tackled the issue head-on. His strategic approach and problem-solving skills smoothed out any wrinkles, leaving me stress-free.🌐 Overall Impression: Harry’s professionalism, responsiveness, and genuine care for his clients make him an outstanding immigration agent. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone navigating the complex visa process.
Megha SharmaMegha Sharma
08:51 01 Feb 24
Visa education experts really helped me and my husband a lot with our visa journey. I had my student dependent and visitor visa refused and had no hope of getting the visa but then we contacted Harry sir and he had really been a great help for us. He got me my dependent visa even after I lost any hope. So I would recommend consulting visa education experts for any help or concerns regarding visa and immigration.
Robin SharmaRobin Sharma
08:22 31 Jan 24
Really helped us a lot from my visitor visa to student visa and to TR now. He helped with my wife's visa student dependent visa even after refusals. we are really thankful for their help. You can trust them blindly. If you guys looking for a good service for visa related concerns visa education experts is the best place for you.
Mia ArboledaMia Arboleda
11:44 29 Jan 24
5 ⭐️ is not enough for the service Harry has given us. He deserve for 100 ⭐️2022 when I enquire Harry Deshwal about my partner’s visa. I enquire to a lot of migration’s agents around 20+ because partner has a complicated visa and whole lot of them said that they can’t do it or he has to go out of the country which we don’t agree and Harry is the only one migration agent says that it is possible to stay and he can do it. he then quickly process the visa and told us what to do. Every tiny detail he told us what to do and update us every time. Now we just received our visa grant and we are so happy. Even the visa issue on my son harry did not hesitate to take it and quickly after filing it I received my visa grant after 2 weeks. If you need a migration agent. Contact Harry Deshwal and I am sure you won’t get disappointed.
Louise FitzpatrickLouise Fitzpatrick
00:05 23 Sep 23
Harry was brilliant in helping my partner and I secure our 482 visa. Harry made sure that all the documents and information was to the expectations required and made us feel at ease with the whole process. I would recommend Harry to anyone who is going through a visa process. Thanks again Harry!
Aimee TinkAimee Tink
06:50 19 Sep 23
Harry Exceptional Immigration LawyerI had the privilege of working with Harry De from Visa Experts Australia on our agency's recent visa application, and I cannot overstate how grateful we are for the exceptional service we received.From the very beginning, Harry demonstrated an impressive command of immigration law and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in our case. Their attention to detail, thorough research, and proactive communication were nothing short of remarkable.Harry guided us through every step of the visa application process, ensuring that all documentation was in order and that we met all deadlines. Their professionalism and dedication to our case were evident throughout, and they left no stone unturned in advocating for our agency's needs.What truly sets Harry apart is his unwavering commitment to their clients. They not only secured the visa grant for our agency but also provided valuable insights and advice that will undoubtedly benefit us in the future. Their expertise transformed what could have been a complex and daunting process into a smooth and successful endeavour.I wholeheartedly recommend Harry and to anyone in need of immigration legal services. They are not just legal professionals; they are advocates who genuinely care about their clients' well-being and success. Our agency is profoundly grateful for their support, and we will undoubtedly turn to them for any future immigration needs.Thank you, Harry, for your exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication to our case. You have made a significant difference in our agency's journey, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the results.
Dawinder ChhabraDawinder Chhabra
23:25 17 Sep 23
Mr. Harry De is very helpful in guiding through the right pathway to get visa situation sorted. He helped me understand every possible way i can apply my visa and outcomes to select best option i should choose. Even when my last migration agent stopped responding properly he helped me on the last minute to solve my visa issue. I am sure everyone would appreciate a migration agent who would look out for their client to genuinly help them not just make money. Moreover, my partner's visa got rejected and after that with the guidance of Mr. Harry we not only got the visa but also the full time work rights. I would highly recommed talking to Visa Educations Experts as they do justify their name.
Tiziana MoraTiziana Mora
01:03 11 Sep 23
In my initial interaction with Visa Education Experts, I was engulfed in a sea of stress and confusion, all stemming from the perplexing maze that the visa procedure appeared to be. Then, I met Harry, a lawyer whose depth of knowledge and meticulous attention to detail immediately put me at ease. With an unparalleled expertise, he guided me through each step of the process, making the labyrinthine task seem straightforward and manageable. His ability to clearly and succinctly explain every requirement was a lifeline, preventing me from getting lost in the bureaucratic tangles.Beyond his impressive professional prowess, Harry stood out for his empathy and dedication to his clients. His approach was both thorough and human, characterized by a genuine concern for my wellbeing throughout the visa application process. In a domain where the procedure can often feel cold and impersonal, Harry infused warmth and understanding, making a significant difference in my experience. I highly recommend Harry and the team at Visa Education Experts, not just for their expertise but for their ability to turn a usually stressful procedure into a journey characterized by ease and peace of mind.
Dimitri FranghisDimitri Franghis
18:23 04 Jul 23
I'm exceedingly happy with the brilliant and affordable service that I received dealing with the complexities of my wife's immigration status. Harry De guided us through the complexities of immigration and assuaged or anxieties and cocerns.I thoroughly recommend and compliment Harry for the great service that he delivered. Visa Education Experts are the best!
Ben HalesBen Hales
02:00 26 Apr 23
I would absolutely recommend Harry from Visa Education Experts. When I had a visa rejection, I called around to a few different immigration agents as I had no idea what to do next and the process was very confusing and worrying. A lot of agents I called would firstly only provide around a 10-15 minute conversation before all saying that I would need to pay and that I needed their services immediately or I could be in trouble. They all felt like a pressure sales technique. However when I finally discovered Harry, he took the time to understand my situation, and acknowledge my worries and questions, and provide me with information on what the next steps would be and this was all for free. It was incredibly reassuring to find out all the information around my case that Harry provided and at no point did it feel like a hard sell - it felt genuine. This is the reason why I hired Harry to be my agent. He was incredibly accommodating, would always return my calls no matter what time of day, and would always answer any questions I had (even if I just needed reassurance around certain timings and topics). When something new emerged within my case, he would call me as soon as possible to explain to me exactly what has happened, with detailed and clear advice of next steps. The amount of knowledge and expertise Harry provided was incredible, and that was also reassuring at a very stressful time in my life. Harry is one of the reasons of why I am a permanent resident today.

We deal with students of ALL Nationalities, across ALL Continents. Just look below at all our client video testimonials as proof to show that we have clients from North America, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and even LOCAL AUSSIES!!

USA – Kevin Hastings (NRL Icon) + Lynn Hastings (USA Royalty) – Australian Citizenship Grant for Lynn

Kevin Hastings, is a former NRL Player who used to play for the Sydney Roosters and now his son Jackson Hastings has taken over the throne to uphold his family’s genes.

Kevin’s beautiful wife, Lynn Hastings, is a US Citizen who I recently helped get her Australian Citizenship. She can now call Australia home.

ASIA – CHINA – Student Visa Granted for Australia within 2 days from China with PHD!!

We were delighted to have helped our client Kevin, who is a Chinese Citizen get his student visa within 2 days.

This fast result is a testament to the way we work to ensure ALL documents are provided to make sure the case officer can make a quick decision.

LEBANON – Partner Visa Grant Refusal – Successful in Tribunal AAT Migration Tribunal

🌟 Triumph Over Adversity: How We Secured an Australian Partner Visa Against All Odds! 🌟

🚀 Imagine this: Your dream of starting a new life in Australia with your partner is within reach. You’ve meticulously prepared your Partner Visa (subclass 309/100) application, only to face a crushing refusal. 😔

💪 But giving up is not an option! 💪

👉 Our journey began with a refusal, but it didn’t end there. Determined to turn things around, we appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). What followed was an agonising wait – months turned into years, and the expected timeframes seemed like a distant promise. ⏳

🔍 When our client’s case finally opened, we faced a difficult tribunal member who scrutinised every minor detail, trying to find faults; where there was none. Adding to the challenge, our interpreter’s miscommunications further complicated the process. 😤

✨ But here’s where the magic happened. With unwavering determination, hard work, and sheer grit, we navigated every obstacle. We meticulously countered every argument, clarified every misunderstanding, and left no stone unturned. And guess what? We WON! 🏆

🎉 Today, our clients are living their dream in Australia, all thanks to our relentless pursuit of justice and commitment to their cause. 🇦🇺❤️

📢 If you or someone you know is facing similar challenges with their visa application, don’t lose hope. Reach out to us – we specialize in turning the impossible into possible. Your Australian dream is worth fighting for, and we’re here to fight with you!

Why Choose Our Firm: A Commitment to Care Beyond the Case

At our firm, we believe that every client deserves not just expert legal representation, but also genuine care and personalised attention. Unlike some other law firms that treat clients as mere transactions, our approach is rooted in empathy, dedication, and a commitment to your well-being.

Our clients’ experiences speak volumes. Recently, one of our clients shared their journey with us, contrasting it with their past experiences:

“I’ve dealt with a few other law firms before. They honestly don’t care. They just want their money and walked off. You are different because you care and do everything to take off the stress off me. “

This sentiment underscores a reality that many face: being treated as just another case number. We understand the frustration and disappointment that comes with feeling neglected and unheard. That’s why at our firm, we prioritize building meaningful relationships with our clients.

ASIA – INDIA – Dependent Student Visa Refused Twice – Third time we applied – GRANTED!! Complex submissions

Our client had applied for Dependent student visa twice themselves for which Immigration had refused it.

Third time lucky, they came to us and we applied for it with complex submissions and provided every document under the SUN we could, to have it finally granted.

EUROPE – CROATIA Offshore Partner Visa Granted – applied ETA Tourist visa – Level 1 country

EUROPE – UK PR Subclass 190 Visa (Registered Nurse) from State Nomination in Victoria and AAT success!!

Video Testimonial from UK Client

PR Subclass 190 Visa (Registered Nurse) from State Nomination in Victoria and AAT success!!

Google Review by Client

Summary of Entire Matter and How we helped
We helped our client to be granted a Permanent Residency Subclass 190 Visa (Registered Nurse) from State Nomination in Victoria. The subclass 190 PR visa was granted to the partner who is a New Zealand citizen. She got her Registration as a Nurse and then applied for a skills assessment with ANMAC.

Initially, a subclass 417 Working Holiday was refused for the gentlemen, Ben was refused by Immigration. We took carriage of the matter and successfully helped them in the Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) as we won the case. As he was in Australia in the migration zone while his substantive visa subclass 417 Working Holiday visa was refused, s 48 bar prevented him to apply for the subclass 190 PR onshore in Australia. So we applied Bridging Visa B for them to travel outside Australia to validly apply for the 190 visa. The complexities of such cases can be resolved with our experience and knowledge. This is the reason why you should come to Visa Education Experts!!

TSS 482 Nomination and Visa Application approved in 9 days!!

TSS 482 Nomination and Visa Application approved in 9 days!!

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL – Lodged TSS 482 Visa Application on 10 September 2023. Approved and granted TSS 482 Nomination and Visa Application for Recruitment Consultant on 19 September, within 9 days while Immigration processing time is 59 days!!

Summary of Entire Matter and How we helped

We can say from our applications that we lodge with Department of Home Affairs (Immigration) that we generally have a fast processing time. This is because we always make sure we provide decision ready applications to Immigration where every detail and document is provided to ensure we provide the strongest possible application and receive a positive outcome for you.

This 482 nomination and visa application was no ordinary one for our clients given what they had been through. They faced layers of uncertainty which is explained by them in the video.

The main applicant Paul was about to be sponsored by his previous employer. Everything was ready as the application was ready to be lodged but last minute the employer pulled out and said they are unable to sponsor him. On top of that there was a refusal with Paul’s current employer. The sponsor and visa application were very nervous about getting this application through given what they had been through.

Congratulations to our Clients who now can call Australia home for the next 2 years!!

5 Star Google Review left by Employer Sponsor

5 star Google Review left by Client

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL Visitor Visa Approval from HIGH RISK COUNTRY (Africa)!!

VIDEO – Visitor Visa Approval from HIGH RISK COUNTRY (Africa)

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL Visitor Visa Approval from HIGH RISK COUNTRY (Africa)!!

Summary of Entire Matter and How we helped

As many of you would be aware, people applying for visitor visas to Australia need to demonstrate strong incentives to return back to their home country. Strong incentives are for example if you have a job and taken leave from work, if you have assets in your home country or if you have a wife and children. Immigration consider these as strong reasons for why they would consider you to return back to your home country and only visit Australia temporarily for a short period of time on a Visitor visa. 

To our surprise our client from Africa is a pastor who is Single, did not have any bank accounts, assets or any money in his name. As he is a pastor that has devoted his life as a Christian, he did not have any of the strong incentives that Immigration normally considers as a strong reason to return back to your home country for a visitor visa. All odds were stacked against our client and chances of getting a visitor visa were very slim. When our client approached us, we shared our honest prospects of success with him that the chances of the visitor visa being granted are very low. However, we can try our level best with a strong submission and present possible case.

Our hard work paid off and the visitor visa was granted!! 

Our client applied for a subclass 600 visitor visa themselves and were refused twice. We applied for a subclass 600 visa with a strong submission and it was granted from a High Risk country in Africa. This is the reason why you should come to Visa Education Experts!!

Temporary Partner Visa (subclass 820) and Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 801) granted in RECORD TIME of 4 months 7 days, while processing time for Immigration is close to 3 years!!

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL – Temporary Partner Visa (subclass 820) and Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 801) granted in RECORD TIME of 4 months 7 days, while processing time for Immigration is close to 3 years!!

We helped our client who has a South African passport to get their Temporary Partner Visa (subclass 820) and Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 801) granted in RECORD TIME of 4 months 7 days, while processing time for Immigration is close to 3 years!!

Comprehensive 5 Star Google Reviews:

Working Holiday 417 visa and 407 Training Visa GRANTED!!

5 star Google Review – Kindest words that reflect our services and Professionalism

Summary of Entire Matter and How we helped

A 417 Working Holiday visa was granted for our client with Netherlands passport within 12 hours. She had applied for a Training Visa 407 with her employer and needed to arrive in Australia by 04 September 2023. But Immigration was taking very long to process this visa. So we reviewed the submitted 407 visa application (as that was not done by our company) to ensure that all documents were correctly uploaded and checked the application to see if everything was in line with the visa requirements. We then advised our client to provide the missing documents and then applied for a 417 visa as she was urgently wanting to come to Australia to commence her training with her employer. Then we wrote an email to Immigration requesting the training visa to be granted and at the same time applied for the working holiday 417 visa for our client. Our client was very satisfied with our services at the 417 Working Holiday visa being granted within 12 hours of applying.


5 Star Google Review

Here is the screenshot as proof of lodgement of subclass 400 visa on 26 May 2022:

Here is the screenshot as proof of subclass 400 visa being granted within 5 days on 31 May 2022:


Facebook Gallery of many of our visa grants!!


Visa Education Experts are masters in Australian immigration law. We have experienced Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents to guide you and provide you the correct pathway to help achieve your goals; whether that be permanent residency or any other visa. At Visa Education Experts we understand a migrant’s journey and how difficult it can be. We have vast personal and professional experience to ensure that you have a smooth transition to your new life in Australia.

We service clients all over Australia and overseas whether you are from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or any other regional area or state. It doesn’t matter in what part of Australia you are; we are here to help. We help and provide advice to all clients across all throughout Australia. Even if you are overseas, we can still help you migrate to Australia!

We deal with corporate businesses, employers, individuals and families to help settle and migrate in Australia.

Some of the most difficult cases our company has dealt with are:

1. There was a Norway citizen who was held in immigration detention and for whom I applied for a partner visa to release them from immigration detention.

2. S501 cancellation submissions where a New Zealand Citizen had served 3 years jail time in 1998 and was about to have her Resident Return Visa cancelled. I made a strong submission to Department of Home Affairs where she was granted her PR visa.

3. Helped many high-net worth corporations in successfully obtaining employer sponsored visas such as 457, 482, 186, 187, 494 visas.

4. I have been successful in Schedule 3 submissions, notice of intention to consider cancellation submissions for visas, PIC 4013 4014 4020 waivers, AAT hearings.

5. I help with all business, employer sponsored visas, partner visas, global talent, parent, graduate, student, child, temporary activity visas.