A Notice of Intention to Consider Cancellation (NOICC) is a notification to a person that their visa is about to be cancelled very soon as some grounds have arisen under the Migration Law. For example, a NOICC is sent out to student visa holders who have not been studying or have been failing subjects (The grounds here are no compliance with their student visa conditions).

A person is usually given 5 working days to respond to this NOICC to Immigration.

Keep in mind that a NOICC can be for other visas as well and can be known under different names.

The key to being successful in a NOICC is that you need to convince the case officer in Immigration that there are reasons that exist for your visa not to be cancelled. The case officer has a discretion as to whether or not they will cancel your visa. We will help you prepare a strong legal submission that sets out reasons why the case officer should not exercise their discretion to cancel your visa – that is we will outline legal terminology and case law with reasons to persuade the case officer that the decision to not cancel your visa outweighs the decision to cancel your visa.

When you receive this letter, it is important you consult an experienced Immigration professional who can assess your situation to see if you have any chance or merits at not getting your visa cancelled.

We have vast experience in NOICCs, where we have successfully helped people retain their visa and not get their visa cancelled.

NOICCs are a complex specimen that requires thorough analysis, case law and persuasion to convince Immigration (Department of Home Affairs).

If you need help for NOICCs, contact us on info@visaeducationexperts.com.au or +61 414 588 942.

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